The Frome Permaculture Group got together in order to promote permaculture in/around the Frome area, through the running of ‘Introduction Day’ and ‘Permaculture Design courses’. Initially, courses were lead by Aranya, a Dorset-based permaculture teacher, who was invited to come and teach in 2007. He was provided with support by us (both logistical support and teaching support), which increased year on year. This gave us an opportunity to observe and be involved with all aspects of running a course, and we are now at the point of taking on the courses ourselves, with support from Aranya.

We also support a local Permaculture Action Learning Guild, which has come out of the design courses that we’ve run so far, and is in essence a network of local people with a strong interest in establishing permaculture into their lives, or who are currently doing their Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. The group meets about once a month to check in with each other and monitor progress, and to support each other through a set of action learning questions.

From time to time, we have information stalls at local events.

Contact details:

Gladys Paulus 01373 467884

Debbie Powell 01373 474984

In 2009, we ran a couple of courses in Frome:

• Oct. 2008 – March 2009: Permaculture Design Course, 28 participants • November 2009: Introduction to Permaculture course, 13 participants.

Courses are based in Frome and surrounding countryside, and also make use of local projects such as Vallis Veg, and other local expertise. We have established a really good practical working link with Stephen Pritchard, a permaculture designer based in Radstock, and have visited local gardens. We are currently re-designing the design course, and plan to incorporate even more local knowledge and projects, by inviting guest speakers and incorporating more visits. Examples include a visit to a self-built strawbale house near Frome, composting surgery by our local 'compost champion', and expert guest speakers on topics such as 'The work that Reconnects', sustainable agriculture, and soil and water issues.

Plans for 2010

In 2010, we plan to offer a series of Introduction Days in/around Frome - possibly 4 spread out over the year, culminating in a Design Course, which might start either at the end of 2010, or the beginning of 2011.